The Noise Luna Ring is the Noise’s New Wearable Smart Devices.

The Noise Luna Ring Overview

The Noise Luna Ring: Noise’s first smart ring, has been revealed in India, where the company is a top producer of smart wearables. The heart rate monitor, temperature sensor, and SpO2 sensor are just a few of the health sensors that are included in this cutting-edge gadget. The Luna Ring has a sophisticated titanium body and is offered in a variety of hues, including Sunlit Gold, Rose Gold, Stardust Silver, Lunar Black, and Midnight Black. Particularly noteworthy is how its hypoallergenic smooth inner shell adapts to all skin types. As wireless charging is supported by the Luna Ring for hassle-free use, convenience is also a top consideration.

Cost and Availability of the Noise Luna Ring

Although Noise has not yet provided details regarding the Luna Ring’s exact cost and release date in India, interested customers may still pre-order the smart ring by paying Rs. 2,000 for a Priority Access pass on For Priority Pass holders making in-person purchases, the firm guarantees an exclusive discount of Rs. 1,000. Customers who purchase this pass will also get free liquid and physical damage coverage and theft insurance worth Rs. 2,000. Seven distinct ring sizes, to suit a range of tastes, will be offered for the Luna Ring.

Specifications of the Noise Luna Ring

Infrared Photoplethysmography (PPG), skin temperature, and a 3-axis accelerometer are just a few of the cutting-edge sensors that are included in the Noise Luna Ring. Due to the three LEDs and two PDs’ effective alignment with the user’s finger thanks to its optomechanical architecture, accurate sensor readings are guaranteed. The Luna Ring boasts the capacity to measure over 70 indicators and offers an incredible range of health and activity tracking functions. For sleep quality, preparedness, and activity levels, users can receive scores. The smart ring’s activity trackers examine user trends to deliver tailored recommendations. Additionally, the Luna Ring has a body temperature sensor, a heart rate monitor, and a SpO2 sensor, all of which contribute to thorough health monitoring. Users may easily access their health information and activity logs with the NoiseFit App.

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Battery Life as well as Compatibility of the Noise Luna Ring

The Luna Ring works with iOS 14 or Android 6 and above devices since it uses Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) 5 technology. In addition to being useful and durable, it offers water resistance up to 50 meters (164 feet). With a battery life of up to seven days on a single charge, the Luna Ring offers durable performance. The battery may be fully charged in about 60 minutes when it is time to recharge. Additionally, the user experience is made comfortable and light because to its streamlined design, which is only 3mm thick.

The Noise Luna Ring Specifications in a single sight Table

Luna Ring Health Sensors

Luna Ring Health Sensors
Luna Ring Health Sensors
Health Sensors Features
Heart Rate Monitor Tracks user’s heart rate
Temperature Sensor Measures skin temperature
SpO2 Sensor Monitors blood oxygen saturation level
PPG Sensors Uses Infrared Photoplethysmography for advanced tracking
3-Axis Accelerometer Detects motion and orientation of the ring
Body Temperature Sensor Measures the user’s body temperature

Luna Ring Compatibility and Connectivity

Luna Ring Compatibility and Connectivity
Luna Ring Compatibility and Connectivity
Compatibility Features
Devices Supported iOS 14 and Android 6 devices and above
Connectivity Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE 5) technology
Automatic Firmware Updates Supports automatic firmware updates
Water Resistance Water-resistant up to 50m or 164 ft
Wireless Charging Support Compatible with wireless charging

Luna Ring Battery and Design

Luna Ring Battery and Design
Luna Ring Battery and Design
Battery and Design Features
Battery Life Up to seven days on a single charge
Charging Time Takes 60 minutes to get fully charged
Thickness Measures 3mm in thickness
Lightweight Design Sport a lightweight and comfortable design
Color Options Sunlit Gold, Rose Gold, Stardust Silver, Lunar Black, Midnight Black
Hypoallergenic Inner Shell Suitable for every skin type due to smooth inner shell
Ring Sizes Available in seven different ring sizes
Material Titanium body for durability and elegance


The Noise Luna Ring is a unique smart wearable that blends fashion, utility, and health monitoring functions to improve the user’s lifestyle. The Luna Ring stands out as a potential addition to Noise’s array of cutting-edge products thanks to its sophisticated sensors, sophisticated design, and long-lasting battery life.

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